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Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Free PC Games Karateka (2012/ENG/MULTi5/Full/RePack) Mediafire

Download Free PC Games Karateka

Download Free PC Games Karateka

This Game Karateka will charm you with its classic love story set in feudal Japan. Fight to save the lovely Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma and reunite her with her True Love. From PRINCE OF PERSIA creator Jordan Mechner, the original side-scrolling karate classic comes to Steam with art by Jeff Matsuda (The Batman) and music by Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin (CIVILIZATION IV). Whether you are a nostalgic Karateka fan or new to the game.

Free Downloads PC Games karateka

   1. Highly replayable. Innovative ôthree suitorsö system offers a compact single-playthrough  experience, yet challenges advanced players to unlock more difficult achievements and endings as their skill improves.
   2.Real-time score by Christopher Tin tells the story through the music.
3 3.Accompanied authentic Japanese instruments and themes let you ôhearö the onscreen action in real time.
   4. Three playable characters.
   5. Three endings.
   6. Three suitors vie for MarikoÆs love: A fearsome Brute, a noble Monk, and her brave True Love.
   7. Rhythm-based combat mechanic. Easy to grasp yet challenging to master, the cinematic gameplay seamlessly blends a series of escalating karate battles with a simple human story.

Burn/mount, install, copy crack, play!
Note: use Launcher.exe for setting other languages than english

Free Downloads PC Games karateka

Free Downloads PC Games karateka

Free Downloads PC Games karateka

Free Downloads PC Games karateka :

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